Electricals, Electronics & Accessories

The products we supply fall under the following categories:

  1. Electric Motor Control – Contactors, Control and Load Switches, Circuit Breakers and Protectors, Electrical Switches, Electric Starters, Contactors, Overload Relays,  Pump Control Panels and Fuse Blocks.
  2. Signaling – Beacons, Panel Alarms, Emergency Alarms and Horns.
  3. Lighting Materials – LED Fittings, LED Tubes, Fuse Links, Plug tops, Socket Outlets, Cap lamps, Inverters, LED Suspended Ceiling Lights, LED Path Lights, Lamp Posts, Day Light Switches, Bulbs, Fuses and Fuse Glasses.
  4. Cabling and Conductors – Cable Glands and Shrouds, Lugs, Power and Electrical cables, Cable trunking, Block Connectors, Bare Conductor, Earthing and Neutral Bars and Cable Seal.
  5. Electric Motors – Flameproof Electric Motors, Cast Iron and Aluminum TEFC Motors, Brake Motors, Motion Controllers and Geared Motors.

Brands we supply are but not limited to:

  • Lovato
  • Klockner
  • Moller
  • Relmo
  • ABB
  • Alstom
  • WEG
  • Merlin Gerin
  • Allen Bradley