Electricals, Electronics & Accessories

We supply,repair and maintain all electrical/ industrial equipment. These include but not limited to the following- 

  1. Electric Motor Control – Contactors, Circuit Breakers and Protectors, Electrical Switches and Starters, Overload Relays,  Pump Control Panels
  2. Signaling – Beacons, Panel Alarms, Emergency Alarms and Horns.
  3. Lighting Materials – LED Fittings and Tubes, Fuse Links, Plug tops, Cap lamps, Inverters, LED Path Lights, Lamp Posts and Fuse Glasses.
  4. Cabling and Conductors – Cable Glands and Shrouds, Lugs, Power and Electrical cables, Cable trunking and cable seals.
  5. Electric Motors and Compressors – Flameproof Electric Motors, Cast Iron and Aluminum Motors, Motion Controllers and Geared Motors.
  6. Muffle Furnaces – We have a wide range of  electric muffle furnaces that are able to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Muffle Furnace Before and After Repair

img-20191109-wa0001 img-20191109-wa0002

Brands we supply are but not limited to:

  • Lovato, Klockner, Moller, Relmo, SIEMENS, FLENDER
  • ABB, Alstom, WEG, Merlin Gerin, Allen Bradley, Schneider