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saunders-logoAs a partner of aveng-dfc we supply a full range of corrosion and abrasion-resistant quality diaphragm, gate, and pinch valves and their associated accessories. They are different from other valves because of their wide range of body lining materials, A valve packaged for Corrosive and Abrasive applications. Choose Saunders and have the permanent assurance of many years of trouble-free reliable operations, since;

  • It is Corrosion Resistant
  • It is Abrasion Resistant
  • Has special leak tight
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Time-efficient- do not have to remove the whole body when repairing which means production will not be stopped.

Saunders Diaphragm Valves

saunders-a-type-2          saunders-kb-type

A Type Weir                                                         KB Type


Simplicity in design coupled with more than 75 years of cutting edge innovation has resulted in the Saunders diaphragm’s ability to handle a Wider range of fluids than any other valve type.

  • Available in weir and straight through type
  • Available in either flanged or screwed ends
  • Various lining and diaphragm material options




As a partner of MITECH, we supply a full range of pressure tested, ISO certified valves and associated accessories. These valves come in different pressure classes and materials – brass, cast steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Our product range also includes Safety valves and Solenoid valves. MITECH valves are highly ideal for the following applications:

  • Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas
  • Chemical and Fertilizer
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Tobacco and Food Processing
  • Sewage and Slurry

Mitech Angle Globe Control Valves are also designed for steam and not just for water applications. Angle Control Valves are designed to regulate flow, level, temperature or pressure within a vessel, pipeline or process.



Angle Globe Control Valves before and after Actuation.


idv-logoAs an IDV partner in Zimbabwe, we also supply IDV Petrochemical Valves. These are the most used valves in Petrochemicals. They are 2 types i.e. Full bore and Reduced ball valves. Main differences are:

  • The full bore ball valve is a valve in which the hole diameter of the ball is the same as the pipe diameter, whereas the reduced bore valve has a smaller diameter than that of the pipe (e.g.3” internal valve bore and 4” pipe bore).


  • Reduced bore valves are used in cases where turbulence in the flow and pressure drops are not an issue of concern, as they act as restriction orifices that narrow at the middle part, valves are smaller and lower in cost.


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